The bond between the photographer and the subjects doesn't dictate the quality of the photos, but there is definitely something special and incredibly influential about the connection built on both sides of the camera. CJ and Melia were one of those couples that just clicked and made our job VERY easy! 

We began in Pasadena and just started walking. A brick alley caught our eye so we just started shooting. 

We had already talked about hitting a coffee shop in the city so we continued walking...

...and finally found Copa Vida. 

We asked the barista to make us a heart on the latte so that we could take a picture of it. Unfortunately, we had a wobbly table...

So #2 was the charm. 

Time was flying by because we were having so much fun, so we talked through a game plan and then rolled out!

Hello Malibu Beach!

There are major perks to doing photoshoots on Superbowl Sunday. Everyone was inside and we had nearly private beaches.

The timing could not have been better for the golden hour.

We could've gone for another couple hours but the sun was setting. 

Thanks CJ & Melia for letting us spend an afternoon with you! It's only been 6 days and we are already itching for another double date with you two! :) 

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