Hey Friends! 

Last weekend we had an ABSOLUTE blast with Jason and Chelsie. We met at Cafecito Organico to grab some caffeine before our shoot. After catching up with J&C, we jumped into my Prius and cruised over to El Matador. I had a specific spot in mind that we had visited before. This beach is pretty popular but generally the further you treck, the less crowded it becomes. The only problem was that the tide was way to high to get through the caves that led to the other beaches. For a couple moments, I felt defeated because I had a grand plan in mind, but I quickly found that I was with the perfect couple for an adventurous shoot!

The first first time we pulled out the camera on the beach, a huge wave came up and got Jason's outfit completely splashed. It was like the first tiny dent in your guitar, after that, you actually fall in love with it even more because it because unique and your own. That happened at this session as well because after that, J&C were so down to stand on scary rocks in the middle of the ocean and almost get washed away with huge wave. :) Needless to say it did not go as expected, it went WAY better! :) ENJOY the pics and comment things you like or would like to know about how we shot this wonderful couple! 


Thanks again Jason & Chelsie! We really should hang out with a camera again soon- oh wait, we are! :) #itschotime #040817