Oh man, this is a special one. I have three older siblings, all spanning over a decade before me. Randy is the oldest, and I have two sisters in-between. This last week I surprised all my siblings, their families, and my parents by flying up to Portland without them knowing. It was a BLAST spending undivided time with them all. Each one is so special to me has played a huge role in my life.

Randy a special significance in my life because of being my older brother. He invested in our relationship before I hardly knew what a brother was. He has led me and my sisters faithfully towards the Lord and towards loving relationships with each other. This has been a trademark of his marriage as well. Charissa and him are an incredible estimate to God's goodness. They love deeply, care sincerely, and pursue faithfully. This marks 7 years of their love, and a commitment to many more.

I'm overjoyed to spend an hour in the park with them, capturing their love for each other. Without further delay. Randy & Charissa.