Jonni studied Cinema and Digital Arts at The Masters College, loves coffee, can make anybody laugh, can't type without reading along, can't listen to music without bopping his head, and is the best guy you will probably ever meet. I can truly say that because I have seen him at his best and his best, because he just doesn't have a worst. No but seriously, I've never seen someone smash through goals so quickly like he has, regardless of how hard it is. I'm saying this because he desires to glorify the Lord in all that he does, and when someone is so passionate about that, it really shows. You can see it in the way that Jonni interacts with people and how he goes the extra mile in his work. Yes, I've learned a ton about photography from him, but I've also learned about diligence, patience, and how to create quality work. He's really going to end up somewhere great someday.


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